Women at Risk
• Praise God for the thousands of women around the world being agents of change in their communities, teaching their neighbours how to keep their families healthy and safe from abuse. Please pray that God would continue to strengthen and guide these women as they reach out in their communities to affect lasting change in the DRC, Liberia, Nepal and Niger.

Turn on the Tap
• Please pray for our teams bringing life-giving clean water to thousands of families in Liberia, Niger, South Sudan, Swaziland and Uganda. Please pray especially for our teams in South Sudan as conflict and displacement continue to erode any sense of normalcy and safety for ordinary people there.

Raising Families
• Please pray for our teams in Kyrgyzstan, Rwanda, Swaziland and Uganda empowering local churches to be the hands and feet of Jesus in their communities and to transform the lives of tens-of-thousands of families trapped in poverty. Please pray for protection, wisdom and strength as they minister the Word of God and the incarnation of Christ to the least, the last and the lost.


• Please pray for our teams across the Middle East and Europe responding to the refugee and migrant crisis by providing life-saving assistance to families that have fled their homes and homelands.
• Praise God for our trained Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART) members, who stand prepared and willing to go to dangerous parts of the world to serve God. Please pray for protection, wisdom, comfort and strength for both them and their families as they sacrifice much to serve in this way all over the world.


• Thank God for substantial progress in partnering with Local Resilience Forums across the country. Pray that those relationships will continue to develop and opportunities for us to serve within those structures will grow.
• Our urgent need is to partner with churches throughout the country as we do not know where or when tragedy will hit, be that flooding, storm damage or terrorist action causing physical damage or harm to people. Pray that churches would be willing to find out more as there is no financial cost and minimal time commitment. At its simplest level being a Lighthouse Church means that we keep in contact just in case a situation arises – would your church be able to find out more – email and we will send details.


Operation Christmas Child
• Please pray for OCC UK, volunteers and staff, that we would be of one vision and that we would give God the glory for all that we do in and through the ministry of OCC.
• Pray that the volunteers will grow in relationship with one another, that they will be flexible and adapt to new positions, that there will be a spirit of unity across all teams and God would help those going through the Connect process to capture the heart of OCC.
• Pray that logistic volunteers will come forward, particularly for the role of Collections coordinator in areas across the regions.

The Greatest Journey International

• Please pray that Ministry Partner trainings are key times to ensure that those actually running OCC outreach events make all the necessary preparations for a successful, child-friendly, fun, gospel-focused event! Please pray for those who will lead these trainings, and for the right people to attend them.
• Trainings for new teachers for The Greatest Journey will be held before shoebox gifts arrive. Please pray for new Teacher Trainers who will lead these trainings – that they will be engaging and encouraging and make sure new teachers feel ready to invite children to attend The Greatest Journey course and teach each of the 12 lessons effectively!
• Please pray for wisdom, strength and joy for each National Leadership Team in each country that is partnering with OCC.
• Where new team members are still needed, pray that God calls people forward who are the right people to fill the role available. Pray for a good balance of church representation, and for great team unity in serving all churches as they reach the children of their country with the gospel.