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Animals, Agriculture and Livelihoods 



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What We Do

Families engaged in subsistence farming often live in chronic poverty and malnutrition, lacking the skills to get the most out of their small patches of land. Others have seen their livelihoods wiped out by drought, disaster, or war. Through our Animals, Agriculture and Livelihoods programmes, Samaritan’s Purse has helped to provide thousands of impoverished farmers, herders, and fishermen around the world with the resources and training they need to feed their families and even obtain a modest income that can be used for education, medical care, or other needs.

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By improving farming techniques, increasing the productivity of livestock, opening up access to markets, and providing training in basic business skills, we help households and communities make the transition from subsistence living to income generation, securing a better future.

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lady with plants

“I feel proud. It makes me feel strong that I can grow on my own, that I can generate money and grow food for my family. This project has taught me that God made me, that God created everything, and He is our Provider.”

Korpo, a single mother of two in Liberia

How We Help

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Chickens and Poultry

Families in need receive a clutch of baby chickens that can grow up to lay thousands of fresh eggs every year. We provide the start-up food, materials to build a coop, vocational training, and marketing skills to each participant. Staff veterinarians teach the participants how to construct a coop, mix their own chicken feed, and care for the chickens.


Samaritan’s Purse provides livestock to communities in need of nutritious food, resources and a steady income. We supply pigs to families, with pigsties and training. Yaks, cows and goats enable families to eat homegrown meat, sell produce at the local market and fertilise their vegetable gardens with manure.

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Farm and Garden

Barren land can be transformed into flourishing fields by teaching improved agricultural methods and providing seeds and tools. We provide farmers with drought-tolerant seeds, equipment, and training in rainwater harvesting and irrigation techniques, helping produce bountiful crops so farmers can earn an income and support their family.


Bees produce nutritious honey and beeswax that can be used to make candles, cosmetics or other products. Beekeeping requires only a small amount of land and equipment, and by pollinating crops, bees can increase fruit and vegetable yields. We provide beehives, training, protective clothing, and other supplies.

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Stories From The Field

man with chicks

Will supply a dozen chicks, a coop, and basic veterinary care.

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Can provide 30 seedlings that will grow to provide many benefits.

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Provides dairy goats to families in need and teaches them how to care for the animals.