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[09:38] Paul Frame Trained in our tailoring programme in Maiwut, South Sudan, Buk uses her new-found trade to support her family.

Tailoring Training Strengthens Families in South Sudan

People in Maiwut are finding freedom from cyclical poverty.

Buk, a 36-year-old widow, was on the brink of despair as she considered her future and that of her teenage daughter.

For this single mother in Maiwut, South Sudan, it was a daily struggle to meet the most basic needs of her family. Her daughter even had to stop her education as they simply could not afford any extra expenses. It was a disappointing decision for all.

Feeling helpless, Buk considered arranging a marriage for her daughter as a desperate measure to secure their livelihood.

But then Buk began learning how to sew.

Learning New Skills

When a Samaritan’s Purse livelihood project began in Buk’s corner of Maiwut, she was selected to join our training programme. She and other students learned how to use a foot-operated tailoring machine to alter clothing and repair damaged fabrics.

As they studied the basics of this highly valued trade, programme participants also received training in financial management through a savings and loan programme. They learned how to price and to market their services. They also were provided a framework for understanding entrepreneurship and best business practices.

The relationships built by our teams also provided a solid platform to share the Good News of Jesus Christ and encourage believers in their faith.

Glimpses of a Better Future

Buk’s skill grew with each training, giving her a glimpse of a brighter future. Upon graduation from our programme, Buk received her own sewing machine—a small gift that helps meet daily needs and has allowed her daughter to return to school! Buk is truly thankful for the income she now generates through her own small business.

“I am so grateful to Samaritan’s Purse for making my dream possible,” Buk told our team. “I felt so blessed to have received this sewing machine. May God bless Samaritan’s Purse with more funding to help vulnerable communities.”

Please pray for the transformative work of our livelihoods teams in South Sudan. Pray for changed lives among participants, both physically and spiritually.

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