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Four Samaritan's Purse water filtration systems were given to Mexico's military on March 20.

Providing Water Systems for Mexico

Samaritan’s Purse gifted four water filtration systems to Mexico’s military.

Samaritan’s Purse donated four water filtration systems to Mexico’s military in a special ceremony in Santa Lucía on March 20. The devices were used during our response to Hurricane Otis that damaged or destroyed hundreds of homes in and around Acapulco and left families in the region without access to clean drinking water. It was the strongest storm to ever hit the country’s Pacific coast.

“All of the resources that we have are a gift from God,” said Edward Graham, chief operating officer at Samaritan’s Purse, during the presentation. “We serve in the Name of Jesus Christ.”

The water filtration systems will be used by the military to provide safe water in future disasters.

Please continue to pray for families in Acapulco as they recover from the hurricane’s devastation.

boy with clean water

Will provide a person with lasting clean water and training in hygiene and sanitation.

biosand water filter

Will provide a family with a BioSand water filter, giving them clean water for years.

well of clean water

Will contribute to the cost of installing a protected spring well or constructing a public toilet.