Transforming Asia Pacific Through Relationships

Samaritan’s Purse Australia is impacting hundreds of thousands of our poorest neighbours in Asia Pacific through aid and development. motivated by our Christian faith, we exist to see lives transformed. This is achieved through our extensive network of grassroots partners.

Mobilising Givers through Operation Christmas Child. Over 300,000 shoe boxes are lovingly packed each year by everyday Australians and New Zealanders, committed to bringing joy to a child who may never otherwise receive a Christmas gift. This creative project is mobilising and fostering a generation of young givers in the West through churches, schools, families and workplaces.

Through these simple shoe box gifts, doors are opened to communities in genuine need where we can empower our partners to bring hope, growth and healing.

Training and Equipping Leaders. Indigenous leaders on the ground in Asia Pacific is integral to getting aid where it’s needed most. These leaders have the trust of local governments and have a strong track record of caring for people’s needs.

Abroad, Our Focus Is Local

Samaritan’s Purse Australia is committed to training and equipping these leaders, enlarging their capacity and empowering them to influence and bring genuine community transformation.

Empowering Partner Churches. Samaritan’s Purse Australia is working with and through the church in Asia Pacific to meet the needs of all people in a way that reflects the unconditional love of God.

Our partnerships are wholly interdependent relationships built on trust, transparency, mutual learning, respect and commitment. We don’t ask people to help us meet our objectives, but rather we listen to one another and determine joint goals that meet the needs of local communities around the world.

Lean and Effective Support Organisation. Critical to achieving any significant transformation through aid and development internationally is our dynamic team of Australian and New Zealand support staff and volunteers.

Our Samaritan’s Purse national and state offices are impacting Asia Pacific communities through finance, marketing, overseeing projects and fostering Australian and New Zealand church partnerships. For example, it takes more than 3,000 volunteers across Australia and New Zealand to run Operation Christmas Child each year.