Samaritan's Purse Around The World

Samaritan’s Purse helped meet critical needs for those affected by violent conflict and other disasters in some of the world’s most troubled regions. Through our relief and evangelism efforts, hundreds of thousands of people received food, medical help, clean water, and most importantly, the hope of the Gospel.

South Sudan

Much of the world has ignored the war that Sudan is waging against its non-Arab citizens in the Nuba Mountains and other regions along the country’s border with South Sudan. Hundreds of thousands of people have been driven from their homes. Some try to survive by living in rocky caves and eating sticks and bugs. Others attempt the long, dangerous journey across the border to find refuge in crowded camps in South Sudan.

Samaritan’s Purse is providing life-saving relief to more than 170,000 of these refugees in five camps. We have distributed thousands of tons of food to hungry families. Hundreds of severely malnourished children have been brought back from the edge of death at our therapeutic feeding centers. We also have provided medical care, shelter, clean water, blankets, and hygiene items.


God is at work in the midst of the tragedy, drawing hundreds of people to faith in Christ. The majority of the refugees are Muslims who have never heard the Gospel. Samaritan’s Purse staff and Christian refugees are sharing their faith and inviting residents to one of the more than 30 open-air churches that have been established in the camps. Timothy and his family fled from the Nuba Mountains when invading government troops burned their home to the ground. They arrived in Yida, South Sudan after walking for days with almost no food or water.

“The people who burned my house accused me of being an evangelist,” Timothy said. “But here in Yida, I can move around freely and talk about Jesus.”


Samaritan’s Purse is supporting church partners as they work to provide emergency food, medical care, blankets, and heating fuel to thousands of families in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and Iraq.

Syrian believers risked their lives to bring food to families in war-ravaged towns where most homes and community buildings had been reduced to rubble. As the Christians responded to physical needs, they also shared the Gospel. A man named Ahmed and his wife responded by accepting Christ.

“Today we can’t even go to bed without reading the Bible they gave us,” Ahmed said. “Now we know with Jesus there is no death. We lost our whole world, but we gained our souls.”

One of our longtime ministry partners in the region said, “Throughout the Middle East, there is a new generation of evangelists ready to continue the work of our Lord until that blessed day when He returns to us. I ask you to pray that they will be fearless in their work in any circumstance.”

Ministry Highlights

Through our international emergency relief efforts, we worked to bring critically needed food and other relief to victims of war, natural disaster, disease and famine with the purpose of sharing God’s love through His Son, Jesus Christ.

    • More than 170,000 refugees living in five camps in South Sudan received clean water, medical care, food and other necessities.
    • Our Disaster Assistance Response Teams helped disaster victims in places like the Philippines, where torrential rains brought flooding that destroyed homes and crops.
    • Samaritan’s Purse provided emergency food supplies to hundreds of thousands of people suffering in the midst of violent conflict, drought, and other disasters in places like South Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Niger.
    • Greta Van Susteren and her husband, John Coale, helped dedicate the children’s home and school named in her honor in Haiti. 73 boys and girls ages 2-16 receive daily care, food, and education at the Greta Home.
    • Operation Christmas Child reached a milestone this year— more than 100 million shoe box gifts collected since Samaritan’s Purse launched the project in 1993. We give God all of the glory, and we praise Him that multitudes of boys and girls have heard the Gospel through this project.


When an earthquake and tsunami devastated Japan in 2011, Samaritan’s Purse launched a massive emergency response that transitioned into a major home construction program in 2012. By the end of the year, 507 houses had been rebuilt for Japanese families whose lives had been turned upside down by the catastrophe.

Throughout the 22-month relief and rebuilding campaign, we worked closely with local church partners and more than 7,500 volunteers who helped with home construction, relief distributions, and other projects to help people rebuild their lives.

Hiroko Endo was the first person to receive help from us in her community near Shichigahama, Japan. She says, “Because of Samaritan’s Purse I have energy and joy! I am so happy that the volunteers could make this such a beautiful house.”

Hiroko Endo was the first person to receive help from us in her community near Shichigahama, Japan. She says, “Because of Samaritan’s Purse I have energy and joy! I am so happy that the volunteers could make this such a beautiful house.”

A new church was planted in one of the hardest-hit communities, Ishinomaki, by a pastor who returned to his hometown to volunteer with Samaritan’s Purse. Shuzo Suzuki started the church in an apartment building we had restored.

“There has never been a church in this area,” Pastor Suzuki said, “but my hope is that this church will have a firm foundation, that many people will believe, and that there will be many Christians in this area one day.”