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In order to help people rebuild their lives, we look for volunteers who are willing to clear debris from gardens, clean up after flood damage and do initial recovery work on damaged homes, as well as listening and valuing people’s stories and simply being there for them.

Our goal is to build up a network of volunteers around the country so that we can respond to disasters wherever they happen.

Volunteer Roles are:

Team Leaders - Responsible for the supervision of one or more deployment work teams to support the leadership of the programme manager.

Assessors - Responsible for capturing and planning each deployment work order by providing in situ assessments of situations and suggesting possible solutions.

Team Members - Being part of the active volunteer work force and using your skills and experience to assist those in need.

Rapid Response Chaplains - Fulfil the ministry and purpose of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, and are deployed to share God’s hope and provide emotional support to those affected by a man-made or natural disaster. Find Out More

UKDR Prayer Partner - To pray for the UKDR ministry and to receive specific information to pray for during a deployment.

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  • When completing this form you will also have the opportunity to receive further information about specific areas of volunteering with UKDR.  Should you become a volunteer we will keep you up to date via our Quarterly Newsletter. Thank you!