September – Jamilya’s Story


Location: South East Asia

Jamilya was born and raised in a rural village in South East Asia, where she married Erik, a local shepherd. They lived happily together and had four children. But two years ago a tragedy struck the family. Erik was tending to his flock on horseback, when suddenly the horse jumped, causing him to fall. Very sadly he died from his injuries.

Forty days after his death, Erik’s relatives expelled Jamilya and the children to the street. The house in which the family lived did not belong to them. Jamilya lived with her family for a while, but she realised they couldn’t support them either. So she left her youngest daughter with her sister and journeyed with her other children to the city.

Jamilya hoped that a relative would help her to find housing and work, but it didn’t work out this way. Whilst looking for somewhere to live, Jamilya met a lady named Alima, who was receiving help through a Raising Families programme at her Church. Alima, invited Jamilya into her home, fed her children and listened to the mounting problems she was facing. She then very kindly arranged an apartment for Jamilya to stay in.

Wonderfully, Alima’s Church Action Group (CAG) decided they would help to pay the first three month’s rent upfront. The CAG not only helped Jamilya to find a job at the city market, but while she is at work, Alima takes care of the younger son, whilst the older children can now go to school.

It doesn’t end there! Alima went further still and kindly did all she could to reunite Jamilya with her youngest daughter, who was still staying with her sister. By the end of the school year, all four children were living with their mother.

Jamilya asked Alima why the Church Action Group had cared and sacrificed so much for her. Alima responded by sharing about her own faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, about His love for His people. Alima then prayed with Jamilya and she accepted Jesus into her life. She started to read the Bible, to pray to God herself and to go to Church with Alima on Sundays.

Reflecting on how the Raising Families programme has helped her, Jamilya said:

“After the death of my husband, I felt that I could not go on any longer. It was a most difficult time in my life, and then I met Alima and her church. They showed me God’s love. I’m only at the beginning of the journey, but I know for sure that Jesus is the only true way! Every day I see His care for us, I want to live, to see my children happy! Thank God that He loves us so much!”

We thank God for your support of Raising Families projects around the world, and the resulting transformation in the lives of wonderful women like Alima and Jamilya and her family. Thank You.