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Raising Families Story of the Month: Uganda


Mary’s brother and sister were required to carry her around due to her disability

Mary Akello was born 14 years ago, a very healthy baby girl who brought great joy to her loving parents. At just two years old Mary fell sick and life was never the same for this family. “Mary caught Malaria,” Josephine, her mother said. “We couldn’t afford to pay the medical expenses required and the Health Centre was so far from our home.” Mary became disabled as a result of her untreated illness, she cannot do anything for herself anymore.  The family became her full time careers, she needed to be carried to get around. This put a lot of pressure on the family giving them little time to devote to raising income.

In this community Samaritan’s Purse is partnering with Anglican Church of Uganda, training local churches to offer compassionate care to vulnerable families, share the gospel, offer Christian counselling and work to improve these families livelihood and wellbeing.

The Church Action Group, formed from members of a local church identified Mary’s family as in need of spiritual and physical support. The Church Action Group organized to visit Josephine’s family to pray with them and offer spiritual support. They also identified Mary’s need for a wheel chair. They contacted Samaritan’s Purse with this request and through networking and sharing of information the family later received the wheel chair they desperately needed. This has eased Mary’s mobility around the home and lessened the workload of her family.

The Church Action Group supported Josephine in starting a banana plantation

The Church Action Group also supported Josephine in starting an income generating activity that would bring in money for the family. They picked the option of growing bananas commonly known in Uganda as ‘Matooke‘ in a piece of land near their home. “Matoke is a good sustainable income option for us,” Josephine said. “Once it’s planted they don’t require too much care, they mature and are ready to sell at market quickly.  I can do a lot of the work from home while taking care of Mary. I hope God blesses us. This Banana plantation will go a long way in helping us buy medicine for Mary. To God be the Glory!”



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