Goreth with the cow she bought with help from her Church, trained by Raising Families
November – Goreth’s Story

Location: Rwanda

Goreth lives in a village near the Kivu River in north west Rwanda. She is a widow, with 3 children.

“I lived a life of solitude, it was hopeless, there was no joy.”

Goreth struggled to provide for her family, crippled by expensive health care costs. The Church Action Group from Shonyi Church, who had recently been on a Raising Families training programme, were so moved by Goreth’s situation, that they reached out to her family and loved them, prayed with them, invited them into their homes and welcomed them into the Church community. They also helped Goreth with a financial loan so she could better look after her crops—her main source of income—and by giving her training on how to manage and save her money.

Now I praise the Lord!” Goreth said. “My children are studying regularly, I can pay the healthcare bills on time and pay for other family needs.” 

Following 2 years of saving, Goreth was able to buy a cow.

“Whenever I think of it, it is a surprise, [I have] a cow!”

Again the church helped by teaching Goreth how to use manure from the cow to increase her crop, and how to sell the leftover milk at the local market to further provide for her family.

“We thank our church leaders and trainers. God bless everyone who has contributed for our life.”

At Samaritan’s Purse we are grateful to God for you, and for your support and prayers for the Raising Families programme, which is having a lasting impact in transforming Churches and changing the lives of wonderful women like Goreth and her family. Thank you.


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