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Help mend a cleft lip

REF: 15-604-100

When Htet was born, his family was overwhelmed with sadness. They had never seen anyone with a cleft lip and did not understand that the deformity is a medical issue, not a curse. In the developing world, there are very few specialists who can repair cleft lips, which can bring a lifetime of ridicule and shame. The disfigurement also poses more serious risks, like malnourishment or infection. That’s why Samaritan’s Purse sends medical teams to mend cleft lips through relatively simple procedures. Htet and hundreds of other patients in Myanmar, South Sudan, Bolivia, and Liberia now have hope for a brighter future, and have heard the Good News of Jesus Christ through this project.

Your gift will help provide life-changing operations and bring joy to those who have experienced isolation and heartache.



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