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September 2016

A small shoebox can have a big impact. To find out how to get involved and pack a shoebox this year visit

July 2016
Thank you to everyone who took part in the campaign to bring clean, safe water to the people in Unity State, South Sudan, but if you didn’t get a chance, you still have time! We have extended the campaign so that even more people can benefit from clean water.

May 2016

There’s still time to take part in our campaign to bring clean safe water to the people of Unity State, South Sudan. To find out how you can make a difference to the lives of people in South Sudan, go to

March 2016
Between 1st April and 30th June this year, we are looking to raise funds to rehabilitate and install 70 hand pump wells to bring clean, safe water to 35,000 people living in Unity State, South Sudan. Visit to get involved.

January 2016
Hunger is a daily struggle for thousands of families who live in parts of North West Uganda. 9 in 10 families lack sufficient and nutritious food. Day in, day out, they simply don’t know where their next meal is coming from. Together we can enable 9,600 families to put nutritious food on the table. Find out more at

November 2015
If you haven’t yet got your OCC shoebox packed, there is still time to bless a child in need this Christmas! Drop-off points are open until 18th November

September 2015
Samaritan’s Purse is currently responding to the urgent needs of Syrian refugees travelling through Europe, providing them with relief supplies. Will you partner with us so that we can bring physical relief and the hope of Jesus Christ to more displaced people?

March 2015
Join us on World Water Day on 22nd March to give the people of Karamoja, Uganda, access to clean water. Every gift given will be matched by the UK Government, making your support go even further.

January 2015
You and I can choose the type of water we want to drink. Refreshingly still or gently sparkling. Bottled, or from the tap. 750 million people don’t have a choice. We want to provide clean water to over 20,000 people living in 50 communities in Karamoja, Northern Uganda who have no choice but to drink dirty water. Will you join us?

November 2014
In the last two months, Samaritan’s Purse has sent almost 200 tons of supplies to Liberia in response to the Ebola crisis. These supplies include resources to set up 15 Community Care Centres for those affected in rural areas, as well as suits, gloves, masks and boots to help protect workers at the Centres where Ebola patients will be cared for and treated. For more information on our work in West Africa visit our Ebola Response Page.