You can give a child like Daniel a chance to make something of his life

Some children dream of becoming top footballers, others want to be doctors, engineers, chefs or astronauts.

But, young children like Daniel in Uganda simply dream about going to school. All they really want is to get an education.

Discovering Daniel’s dream 

Every day, Daniel sits in front of his home in Uganda watching other children go to school. His heart sinks. All he wants to do is run to school with them. He dreams about learning new things and of becoming a mechanic when he grows up.

Daniel is forced to stay behind because his grandmother cannot afford the school fees, let alone pay for the school uniform and books. She works as hard as she can, but the little money she makes from weaving baskets can barely feed both of them.

The makeshift shelter that serves as their home allows the wetness of the rainy season to seep in and Daniel and his grandmother often fall ill. Being sick makes it impossible for her to provide for her family. With no income, they couldn’t afford medicine, clothes or food. They live in utter poverty.

But, if you can see a brighter future for children like Daniel you make their dreams a reality.

Your donation can enable Daniel’s grandmother to send Daniel to school and to lift her family from poverty.

Let me show you how your generosity can enable the local church to support Daniel’s grandmother through Raising Families.

With your support, they can build Daniel and his grandmother a sturdy home. With a roof over their head, Daniel and his grandmother’s health will grow stronger. Daniel’s grandmother can then join the church’s savings and loans group, allowing her to develop her business and sell even more baskets in the local market. Also, they will invite Daniel and his grandmother to church where they can about a God who loves them and cares for their needs.

By making a living, Daniel’s grandmother will be able to send Daniel to school happy, health and able to concentrate.

If you can see a brighter future for children, like Daniel, will you help their family to take their first steps towards a life free of poverty?

Your generous gift of any amount or your monthly gift of £10 will ensure that poor parents or grandparents, can learn how to make the most of any resources and skills they have to provide for their children.